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Great staff, did quick work on my car and had me back on the road at my requested time.
They also didn't mind answering questions I had in other future work, and also on a totally different car.Thanks Ben, I'll see you when I'm ready to go to the next level of tuning

David B

I brought in my 2010 Subaru WRX hatch for a dyno tune after modifying it with a list of parts. First off, Ben was beyond helpful with emails and phone calls back and forth pointing me in the right direction. Then their tuning guy Calvin even sent me a base map over email to get me down to their shop as I live 2 hours away and was nervous to drive all the way with a stock tune. While I was watching them work I had no worries at all, super efficient, friendly, and while you wait the parking lot is like a car show in itself. Just incredible service, and I highly recommend them. 5 out of 5 stars!
Thanks Ben, I'll see you when I'm ready to go to the next level of tuning

Billy Bond

Just got my 14' WRX tuned at EFI Logics and they did an incredible job. Ben was fast at answering my emails for weeks leading up to this appointment making sure I did everything to ensure my satisfaction. All the guys in the shop were very professional and double checked everything before strapping it into the Dyno. Calvin did a great job and the car feels completely different now, they definitely unleashed a beast! After I was done Ben gave me some pointers on what to watch out for in the coming weeks & months and stressed that they want me to be happy so if i have any issues to let them know. EFI logics was who i was referred to by my machine shop and they have a reputation for being a place where people take their cars and the shop doesn't see them come back needing rebuilds.

Thanks Ben, I'll see you when I'm ready to go to the next level of tuning

Daniel Alexander

Great staff, did quick work on my car and had me back on the road at my requested time.
They also didn't mind answering questions I had in other future work, and also on a totally different car.

David B

Went with my brother to get his '18 WRX dyno tuned and it went great! The mechanics are Subaru wizards and the tune really transformed my brothers WRX with real performance gains that are reliable and maintain the driveability of the car. If you are serious about automotive performance and are ready to take your car to the next level you owe it to yourself to go to EFI.

Anibal A.

Huge thanks to the guys over at EFI taking care of me these last couple of days got my new intake, injectors and tune done and chased down a misfire on the dyno pulling a late night to make sure everything was good to go. The guys are super knowledgeable in there and will help take care of you during unexpected problems. A all around amazing experience doing business with them would not take my car anywhere else!

Jacob B.

2008 Subaru STi
IWSTi Enthusiast

Words can not express how satisfied I am with the work EFi has done to my FXT. I have been wanting to do a 6 speed swap for a long time. Doing tons of research, I decided to go with a JDM Forester STi 6 speed. EFi Logics was referred to me by a few friends, including Sam at Jspecauto where I obtained the 6 speed. After having a lengthy convo with Pete at EFi, he gave me a very reasonable estimate and we came up with a game plan. Not to long afterwards the car and parts was delivered. Jack took on the challenge of my swap. He went above and BEYOND any and all expectations with my car. He was extremely meticulous with this swap. Every single thing was addressed. Transmission. Axles. Seals. Hubs. Studs. Brakes. Rotors. Sway bars. Control arms. Lateral links. Ebrake. Ubrace. Subframe. Struts. Springs. Steering rack. Drive shaft. All of it. Not only was the work top notch... the customer service was too. The communication from the team at EFi Logics was very comforting. Pete. Jack. Ben. Will. Cory. They all kept me in the loop as to what and why. I couldn't be happier. It was worth every penny and then some. They gave me the best estimate and I am quite satisfied with the job. The customer service didn't stop after I picked up the car. I ran into a problem on the road. I called EFi and within mins Ben, and Jack were there to help me. Jack addressed the situation on site, got the car to the shop and quickly fixed the problem. What made that more meaningful to me... was the issue was not related to the work they had done previously. They simply wanted to be sure I was ok, and was back on the road enjoying my car. It is refreshing to see this level of customer service still exist. I recommend EFi Logics to anyone looking to do upgrades on their car. From simple, to Extreme. In a time where the market is flooded with quite a few qualified shops that specializes in similar work. I am glad that I chose EFi Logics. They were very patient with me. Answered all questions, and addressed all doubt in my mind. I am looking forward to finishing my build with them. If anyone has any questions about my swap... feel free to shoot me a PM. I have tons of pictures as well. I'll be more than happy to share my experience. Thank you EFi Logics.

Richard B.

EFI Logics is the best shop in the state of CT. Pete and the entire staff are super knowledgeable not only on the Subaru platform, but any brand car you bring to them. The service is excellent and I can rely on any one of the mechanics there for spot on diagnosis and repairs. They built my STi in 2015 and it's been solid every since. Whether you need repairs or advice on a build that you want to do, give them a call to steer you in the right direction!

Tyler Hansen

I was in a crash in April and really screwed up my BMW and needed a serious alignment. These guys were recommended to me by a friend and hands down the best recommendation I have received since tracking this car. These guys are the best performance shop I have ever worked with. They aligned the car to my specs , they walked me through the whole process, made recommendations , helped me learn more about my car and by far the friendliest guys I have met in the last few years. Thanks and keep up the great work.

John D.

Very knowledgeable staff. Helped with my needs.

Hugh S.

EFI Logics is the place to go for everything to do with a car. The owner Ben is amazing. The mechanic Mike, is very knowledgeable. The tuner Calvin is very good at what he does and knows what he's doing. Honestly this business is the right place to go to.

helal E,

Came in today to do an APR tune on my Audi S3.
Was in and out in a little over an hour. Cool waiting area with racing games and car magazines. They specialize in Subarus but did a great job with my Audi and very professional. Car feels amazing now.

Josh B.

Absolutely 5 star. Set up a time to bring my 2021 STI in for small parts install as well as a tune. Ran a few min late due to traffic and they basically had someone outside waiting to bring my car in to get started. Staff was laid back and knowledgeable. Tuner was on point with what I wanted with my car. Car runs like an absolute dream right now. Will be back here for a re tune when future upgrades come no doubt about it. Also very reassuring seeing a ton of Subies outside while pulling up for the 1st time.

J Nz

Everyone so helpful. Spent over half hour going over all options for tuning and modifications. Pete and the guys are only place I will trust my Subaru with!

Jason S.

'04 STi (Edited for length)

Professional and knowledgeable staff that provide a quality and enjoyable experience. I couldn't be happier with the results of my visit and cannot say enough good about the shop as a whole. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend to friends and I look forward to working with EFI Logics in the future!

Jason J.

Everyone there was super friendly and cooperative with me. There were some issues that needed to be addressed with my car and with my permission they fixed them quickly and correctly. The tune they put on feels great and my car runs much smoother than before. I would definitely recommend this place for anyone who wants performance work done to their car!

Liam G.

Great shop and they know their stuff!

Nicholas H.

Went in for a APR Tune on my 2010 VW. Excellent service, knowledgeable mechanics that love and respect cars. Had no worries in there quality of work. Truly A1. Thanks guys.

Will K.

Pete, Matt, and Ben from EFI are top notch. These dudes know what they're doing and they are the sole reason my STi is still on the road today. Super patient with any issues I've ever had and they are always transparent on cost/time with each job. Give em a visit or a call and you won't be disappointed.

Travis K.

Ben and his crew are top notch. Customer service level exceeded all my expectations. I run a service department as well, and know the day to day challenges. 100% recommended for any of your daily driver or high horsepower needs. These guys do not disappoint!

Cory C.

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