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Pulling to the front of the pack can seem impossible without the right car. If you're still racing with a basic build and few upgrades to your vehicle, you'll be stuck behind other racers' dust. EFI Logics in Bethel, CT can help you pull ahead the next time you're on the track. We've been in the racing business for over 12 years, and our performance shop can make a major difference in your next race.

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Creating a welcoming environment at our shop

Performance shops don't often have the best reputations for being welcoming to outsiders or newcomers. At EFI Logics, we hope to change that. Our doors are open to all drivers and car enthusiasts, no matter what kind of racing background they have. Older drivers, female drivers and new drivers will all find a spot at our shop, and we serve everyone with the same dedication and drive. It doesn't matter what your background is - we want to help you up your game on the track.

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Lending a professional eye to your next race

When you want to get to the front of the pack, you'll have to upgrade your vehicle. We help our racers by:

  • Educating them on their options
  • Installing after-market parts
  • Tuning vehicles

Through a free consultation, we'll help you decide what modifications to make to your vehicle. We take everyone who walks through our doors seriously, and we treat every customer with respect. Contact us today about upgrading your vehicle. We offer car tuning services for all makes and models.

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