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At EFI Logics, we pride ourselves in making the customer our #1 priority. We built our reputation from the ground up, helping enthusiasts build the car of their dreams while not sacrificing reliability or drivability to inflate ego's. Our customers reviews tell the history of the service we provide, and the cars we build. Some of the reviews you read, are posts made on public internet forums to other enthusiasts discussing thier experience with us, others are just emails sent in. Either way, we listen to our customers, and hope that by reading this page, it entices you to check out what EFI has to offer for you and your ride.

We also have a customer review section on IWSTi that rates EFI Logics as one of the best shops in the US. Check it out!

If you would like to submit a review, please email us using our contact form: EFI Logics

I've had the pleasure and privilege of training various tuners/calibrators across the U.S., and a few in Japan as well. Every once in a while you run into someone that impresses you. Chris Kiewert is one of those persons that impressed me a few years ago when we first met. He was always open to discussing ideas, never made assumptions, seldom got into those pissing matches that tuners tend to thrive on, and he always treated his customers and their vehicles with respect. If he thought he was pushing things with the tune he would explain the possible consequences to the customer and would allow them to make the choice to continue or to back off to keep things safe. He did not let the dyno queens compromise his personal experiences and beliefs. Enough of kissing his a**. The whole reason for this post was to wish him the best on his new endeavor, EFI Logics.

Christian (Lead Calibrator / Trainer) - Cobb Tuning / Blog

Great experience at EFI logics! After almost 2 years of owning a GR STI, and numerous praises from fellow Subie owners, I decided to take a bite at the mod bug. Few weeks ago, I contacted Pete at EFI Logics by PM and was able to get an appt for a Stage 2 protune with ease and that works with my schedule. Got a quick response from EFI and got me in today. Talk about customer service....EFI Logics staff and personnel rocks!!! From the time I got to the parking lot, and worrying which door I should go in, Pete stepped out in the freezing cold and introduce himself to me with a great welcome (very professional). Gave me a walkthrough of the shop, and got the papers filled and signed, introduced the staffs, and finally Chris K. Asked me questions about my mods and my target for the tune. Sat in the cool and friendly waiting room for some refreshments and TV time, met and chat with Make-a-wish of CT Subie, then Chris went to work. It took them at least 2 hours (few pulls and tweaks) and car was ready. Gave me the details of what transpired during the pulls and gave me an impressive outcome. Truly EFI Logics crew performed beyond my expectations. I must say, EFI Logics is one great company to deal with. Though they are 2 hours away from where I live, I’ll definitely be doing more business with them in the near future. Keep up the good work guys and I’m very happy and feel much safer on how my car runs now.

Christian S.
2008 Subaru STi
IWSTi Enthusiast

I have been using Chris and Jack on all my cars for quite some time. As far as Subaru’s go, Chris tuned my 2002 Bugeye and I put a solid 75K miles on it with no problems what so ever! In Early 2008 I purchased a 2007 Legacy Spec.B and started modding it almost right away. Chris did a few tunes on it as I kept making changes. Every single time it just kept getting better!!!! I only owned the car for 1yr and 10mo but I put 33,000 miles on the car with absolutely no problems with the car and no extensive motor wear! I recently sold the car and sold it with complete confidence in knowing that the car would run solid. The person I sold the car to asked me who tuned it and when I told him that Chris did it he had no concerns at all because he was very familiar with Chris's work, and excited about buying the car!

In December of 09 I purchased a 08 sti and modded it on day one. I recently did a full turbo back and an AEM Cold air intake and I was praying to get 295hp!!! It wasn't even a question where i was going to go to get it tuned. I called good old Pete and scheduled an appointment! I get excited when I get to go to EFI and today was no exception. I got there and was treated with the up most respect as if I was a new customer they are trying to impress. This is always a huge benefit since I have been going there so long and still get the best customer service!!!

A big thanks to Chris, Pete, Jack, and Rob for always taking such good care of my rides!!!!!

Adam W.
2008 STi
2007 Spec.B
2002 WRX
(Edited for length)

I picked up my car from EFI yesterday, and I cannot believe how impressed I am with everything they have done. I had originally gone there for some forged pistons and TGV deletes, but cylinder 2 was in real bad shape, so I got a new block. Rob really knows how to do some excellent work, everything was cleaned up nicely in the engine bay... it looks brand spanking new under the hood. The engine runs so smoothly like it was brand new, even with the forged pistons in there.

These are the kind of people you want working on your car. Everyone there takes the time to talk to you about the work they have done on your car, they treat you with respect and all of them are friendly. I really enjoy going there to have work done on my car.

Justin B.
2005 STi

I have once again experienced the pleasure of dealing with one of IWSTI's best vendors.

EFI logics is a shop that removes the "guilt" from parting ways with my hard-earned money by providing me with hard-work, honesty, professionalism, and skill. They don't waste my time.

Many of you know that I am tough on my critiques of shops/service providers because as a community, I feel that we owe it to one another to reward or punish vendors by giving or taking away business according to the way we are served as individuals. This is what provides us leverage to make or break vendors.

EFI has consistently provided top notch service and products to me and other members of this community. Today was just another day I was reminded of their abilities.

If you are looking for a shop to get your work done right at, there is no question this is the place.

Thank you, EFI Logics.

2004 Subaru STi

On 6/10 I made the trip to EFI logics to have Chris work his magic. And magic it was. Even Chris was surprised with the numbers... I was floored! In my career I'm held to a higher standard and expected to be competent and professional at all times. This is hard to come by these days. The crew at EFI is just that...professional and highly competent. From my oil change to the tune I could not be happier. The only problem I had is that the 80 mile trip there turned into a 100 mile trip home since I just did not want to put her back in the garage. I did make it home faster though..

2007 Subaru STi

Just wanted to say thank you once again to Chris, Pete, Rob and everyone else that worked on / with my car while it was there. Chris tuned it yesterday and everything went really well.

I can't describe the difference in just drivability alone and the smoothness of the overall power band. I know it's said time and again but what a difference a good dyno tune makes. Chris did a great job and the car pulls hard till redline. I got tuned after an EvoIII 16G, DW650cc injectors, Walboro, Turbo inlet, and one step colder plugs were put on (also have exhaust/intake/ebcs/STi top mount).

Anyways thanks again guys the car feels amazing to drive. It's never felt this good in the 2 1/2 years I've had it. EFI FTW.

Mike M.
2005 Subaru WRX

Now when I tell you that EFI has in my opinion the BEST customer service and the BEST techs, it's because its 110% TRUE. Rob inspected my car top to bottom, front to back, and made sure he could find out what the hell was going on with my car. Chris and Jack even came over to lend a hand and help diagnose the issue. I mean Chris had a car on the dyno, Jack was finishing a clutch install and they all made sure my car was taken care of. Now they didn't leave the other customers on hold or anything, there were a few things going on with those cars as well, which let them take a few moments to help me. After about an hour, Rob pulled a code saying cylinder 3 was running lean...being the awesome guy that he is, he checked my plug, tested a coil pack and bam, I had a bad coil! The whole time I was really calm about the whole thing. I think it was because I knew my car was in good hands and if it was something HUGE to fix, It's not like I didn't get 60k miles out of it with 6 different turbos I owe the team at EFI Logics a lot!! I could have easily been told that my car needed to stay a few days to try and diagnose the issue, but they would not stop until they found it! It was Saturday, cold as you know what, and already close to 3pm. Chris was generous enough to let me borrow a coil to drive home, I mean c'mon he's the best!!! Even though he hates my car, he likes taking care of me and I appreciate it more than anything. I was so excited, said my goodbyes and was on my way home...

Chris A.
2006 Subaru STi

My name is Louis and I've been in the import racing scene since 1996. From twin-turbo Supras, to all-motor Hondas, to Mustang Cobras. I've owned quite a few quick cars in the past and happen to be EXTREMELY particular and anal about my cars, their aftermarket parts, and their tunes.

I've also brought my wife Stacie into the world of fast cars. In fact, her weekend car is faster than mine!

Having moved back to Connecticut in 2001 from Florida, I needed to find a versatile tuner in the area that could handle whatever car I threw at him. We originally started going to Chris when he was at XX Tuning, and are now very excited for him and his ventures at EFI Logics.

In the interest of time, I will just say a few things about Chris. First and foremost, his honesty level exceeds any other shop that I've ever dealt with. He will tell you the truth, even if it sacrifices his own profit. He is versatile. He can tune and troubleshoot a Mustang just as well as he could do the same for a Subaru or Mitsubishi. Lastly, his prices are reasonable and his shop is meticulous. The racing scene would benefit if more tuners operated like Chris, and we're very happy to have him in our own back yard.

Lou & Stacie Nistico
2008 Evolution X
2006 WRX STi

I drove 3 hours to get to EFI to get my WRX tuned. I heard nothing but great things about Chris tuning abilities so I figured it was worth driving out there. I tried other shops in my local area, but the car had serious drivability issues after they “tried" to tune the car.

I finally get to the shop, and get to meet Chris. He’s cool people, down to earth, and talked to me, not down to me. He made me feel like I was hanging out with some friends. After talking about the car, and hearing a little story about the car, he straps it down and starts working his magic. The car came to his shop running extremely rich and would stall when coming to a stop. I was impressed with his ability to do what other shops couldn’t, the car is drivable, hasn’t stalled, or even stumbled once, since. Power delivery is so much smoother, I love the car and I look forward to driving it now!

Chris and I have already talked about doing some smaller projects. It’s worth the 3 hour drive and I look forward to do business with him in the future. If anyone needs a tune or any kind of work done, I HIGHLY recommend EFI Logics.

TC Hansen
2002 "Cobb Built" 35R WRX

Well, I just hit 100,000 miles on the STi today. I figured its a perfect time to write a review on the car. This car puts a smile on my face every time I drive it. I could not be happier with how it has held up.

No track days, just alot of spirited driving and commuting. Maintenance/repairs - 1 set of brake pads so far, still stock rotors. Replaced clutch at about 93,000. All fluids done as scheduled. Mobil 1 5-30 has been used since I owned the car and I burn about a quart every 5000 miles.

The good: this car still pulls like a beast and hits 21psi (according to the Defi). It has held up surprisingly well considering its driven all year and is parked outside.

I was tuned by Chris (formerly from XX Tuning) at around 60,000-70,000 2 years ago. This past summer (at about 98,000) I had the car put on another dyno just to see what she was making and the numbers were almost identical. The guys at hudson historics said it was pretty amazing and a testament to the quality tune and meticulous maintenance. Just a little proof that if you treat a car well it will return the favor.

PartySub - IWSTi
(Edited for length)

I owe Chris my first born..

Well, I finally have the cobra where I have always wanted it. The HP/TQ is right in the area that I wanted, the car is VERY streetable, idle fluctuation is non-existent, and stalling issues are a thing of the past.

Chris did an AMAZING job with the tune, to say the least. He spent 45 min on the idle/stalling issues alone. I think we both knew at the exact same moment, that he had gotten the bugs out. I know it sounds odd, but that was probably the happiest moment I had with the damn car since I owned it.

After an entire year, the car was idling the way it should. The cobra netted 508 rwhp and 463 rwtq on the Mustang Dyno.

Mike N.- '97 Mustang Cobra
(Edited for length)

Today I drove to Bethel to get my car tuned by Chris. I've taken my car to 3 different shops in CT and dealing with Chris at EFI is defintely the best experience I've had getting my car tuned. He didn't make me wait around all day and he tuned the car perfectly, just the way I told him I wanted. After the ride home, of course, I'm an even more satisfied customer. For a stock turbo sti she pulls hard! Thanks again Chris for an awesome job!!!

Bruce E. - '07 STi Limited

First and foremost, I would like to thank the exceptionally wonderful people at EFI again for the care they gave my car. They didn't just exceed "amazing customer service," to me, they've redefined it! They are friendly, knowledgeable, and extremely competitive in all aspects of all the businesses they work in - but some adjectives that almost seem like they were created especially for them are "dedicated perfectionists."

Chris - thank you so much for diagnosing my car, tuning the devil into it, and for being such a perfectionist with the tune. I think that if I had every last one of your vast tuning skills, i would fall short of creating a tune like the one you provided me with because of the amount of patience you have. It really showed what kind of guy you are when you decided to cancel your plans to stay and finish my car (and save me another trip on something that had nothing to do with them). I am proud to be running your tune(s) right now, elated at the part throttle driveability the car now has, the gas mileage, and just the overall feel to the car. I can't say enough, how happy I am with the way you fixed it up. Hopefully one day soon, i can come back up there and enjoy a beer with you guys!

To make a very long story short, my car had developed an injector problem, and needed a tune to "freshen her up." Chris and Jack fixed her up right, then Chris tuned the hell into it. car runs strong, but better yet, acts like the most civilized car fresh off a showroom floor when it's at part-throttle. I couldn't be happier with the car right now.

Jason O. - '04 STi
(Edited for length)

My brother and I both own '07 Corvette Z06's. I talked him into getting it protuned at a shop as Chris tuned my STi as well. Chris did an excellent job with the tunes. You guys are top notch. I'll be in touch.

Ed -
'07 Corvette Z06
'06 Subaru STi
( Edited for length and multiple posts combined)

What can I say? Forget the GT500 or GT500KR. This is the car Ford should have build as the next Cobra. For my purposes, nothing beats the combination of Kenny-Bell and EFI Logics.

I use the car for commuting, getting groceries, going to the mall and taking my 87 y.o. mom to the doctors. I want it to last for years. I intend to do the club drag days just to see what the numbers are but this is not going to be a hole-shot car for Friday night or a weekly racer at LVD.

What I wanted was rock-solid, safe, dependable, instantaneous mind-bending power in a car I drive every day during the season when it doesn't rain. And that's what I got: an ocean of torque-on-demand with no fuss. the HP numbers aren't insanely ridiculous but the timing is just 16* on 93 octane with an 11.5 A/F.

What's hard to express is the feeling. this thing rocks! at 4000 rpm in third @ 65 mph, I am sitting on top of 21.8 lbs of boost and a ton of torque. When I step on the throttle everything happens real fast. the poor factory 10 lb boost gage is like an on-off switch: it just flicks to the peg. the tach is at redline almost before my foot hits the floor, the rear wheels spin a tiny bit hitting fourth and then the car just lifts up and catapults forward. I get off the gas immediately and the speedometer is sliding back down thru 110. the cars that were in my rear view mirror are gone and I have to brake hard because I'm overtaking traffic up ahead at an alarming rate.

I was worried about traction on the highway but the heat cycled 315 Nitto's and 10.5" wheels seem to hook real good. Slamming it to the floor in third or fourth produces a tiny spin but no real loss of traction or control. I think all the work Jack at EFI did on the suspension really pays off here (frame connectors, solid bushings everywhere, Kenny-Brown tire rods and torque brace, QA1's, etc.)

This car is just amazing. Boost is flat at 21.8 from 3900 all the way to 6100. IAT is only 108* at redline. And now its going to rain all week. oh well, that's OK. because I AM ONE REAL HAPPY CUSTOMER. My thanks to everyone at EFI.

Bill M. '03 Mustang Cobra

Just got back from my tune today with Chris. It was quite a haul, 4.5 hrs there 4 hours back. Worth every minute though. Chris was very thorough and explained what was going on every step of the way. I ended up with exactly what I wanted, a solid and semi conservative tune for my 07. If your anywhere around the area, don't even bother searching any further. Give Chris a call and set up your appointment.

Ed H. ' 07 STi

Heres the story-
About a year ago my car started acting up and has had a surging idle. I decided to ditch my TwEECer and tune so I brought it in to EFI for a tune just to find a bad MAF, so I replaced it with a new SCT uncalibrated MAF. The second time on the dyno, it seemed to have a bad fuel pump, so I sent the fuel pump back to aeromotive for a rebuild. After this the car would still not make a full pull. We got to talking with people and was told not to run an uncalibrated MAF on a fox , so now that Pro-M is back in business I was able to send my MAF back to get fixed. With the new MAF in place, the car seemed to run much better. The next trip back to the dyno ended up with us pushing the car off, because it would not start. It sounded and acted like the starter had died, but replacing it didn’t fix the problem. I traced the problem down to a bad engine ground. At this point the car is running and idling the best it ever has, so it was back on the dyno where we were disappointed, because around 3000 RPM the car was losing spark. We pulled a couple plug wires and they basically fell apart in our hand. These were brand new taylor wires, so I called taylor and they sent me a new free set. So after all these headaches we come to yesterday. The car is now TUNED and making pretty good power, however I need a clutch.

So, I can now drive and enjoy my car! I'm so excited. Right now the car is making around 536rwhp and 610rwtq and the AF is right on. Once I get a clutch we will be turning the boost up a little more. Many Many Many thanks go to Chris at EFI for helping out and getting the car back on the road.

Thanks again Chris for all your time and help! Chris at EFI Rules!!!

Mark - '93 Twin Turbo Mustang
(Edited for length)

My Dad I brought his GT500 down to Chris today for CAI and tune with the new pulley. Chris had the car tuned in two pulls and the results were 535rwhp and 536tq, and that's with stock exhaust. The car is an animal and runs incredible with better than stock driveability.

All and all couldn't have had a better day. The ride home was a blast and the weather turned out to be perfect. Thanks again Chris for incredible service and outstanding work, my father will be a customer for life.

Jamie P. '08 Shelby GT500

Got tuned by Chris @ EFI. He smoothed out the boost, made it come on a lot quicker, and stay on longer. He used a new Autocross specific map he's been working on as the shop cars are dedicated road racers meant for top end power. Spent at least 1.5 hours on the dyno and then went for a cruise where he made a few minor tweaks. All in all, we started around 11:15am or so and finished up a bit after 2 pm. Chris said it was one of the highest wtq stock turbo 06's he's tuned. Definitely worth the 8 hour round trip drive.

Mechie3. '06 Subaru WRX
(Edited for length)

11/14/08 efi tune here. (305/325). First off, Chris accommodated for my time from showing up a little late. Then he was very focused in getting the absolute best tune out of my car given my mods and whatnot. The tune fixed some bucking and surging issues i had on top of smoothing out the ewg i just installed. Not to mention the extra power from my last tune with him. Overall the car pulls amazingly for a daily driver and I absolutely love my sti more now because of Chris' magic. Great surrounding atmosphere, cool new shop, and quite possibly the best tuner around. I will keep coming back to EFI whenever I need and if your thinking about going then I highly recommend it. Whether your a daily driver looking for some extra mpg, or a track/race setup, then go to EFI! BTW, Chris will answer any of your questions as he very informative and caring about your needed or performed tune and even making sure that you enjoy it afterwards. Thank you once again Chris!

John Lucas - '07 STi

Chris is one of the best tuners that I have talked with via PM. He's a really nice, logical, talented guy - unlike a lot of other 'professional' tuners who are basically there to just make money (and don't really understand how to tune).

Tim "Wolfplayer" - '04 STi
(Moderator / ECU Tech / IWSTi)

I visited Chris at EFI and asked him how I can get 340whp and to paraphrase he said "18g ebay TMIC/injectors for 325 whp on his MUSTANG Dyno..which reads 10 or 15whp less. This is the route I am going to take with Chris next spring. By the way his new shop in Bethel Ct is very nice and it is coming together beautifully. Chris had Jack do the install on my Bilstein set up and I am very satisfied. Jack did a great job super clean shop too. We did a few dyno pulls and all is good under the hood. If you are in the Tri-State area go to EFI they are nice people and everyone knows their reputation.

Carl R. - '04 STi

There are precious few times in life when one receives what one pays for...there are even fewer times, and you know what I mean, when one receives more...I feel strongly compelled to share it with others.

Am I gushing?...yep, and if you ever go there you'll know why. Now to the point...
I've seen the these guys at the tracks, shared asphalt with them, and they know how to prepare an STI for the grind. Chris spoke with me about what I'd be doing with the car...drag, street, track? I answered autox and roadcourse.
The road-course use dictated a conservative tune, as 20 minute track sessions demand more safety than 12 second drag pulls. With that decided, off to the dyno...

My mod list:
- 06 STI with the following mods:
- Fram AirHog airfilter- That's right, AirHog...K&N doesn't have an animal mascot so they lose out
- Prosport Header with included uppipe
- Perrin catless downpipe
- APS 3" exhaust
- Snow Performance water/meth injection kit with MAF controller
- 2/3 meth...1/3 water - easy to measure with gallon containers for my 12L tank
- Cobb V2 Accessport with Stage 2 tune

That's it. Not a whole heck of alot of engine stuff, but enough for some fun...

Baseline of Cobb Stage 2 (not tuned):
280hp at 5300 rpm
300tq at 3600 rpm

The tuning started...several pulls later he was done:
320hp at 5300 rpm
380tq at 3350 rpm

What is most surprising, besides the peak gains, is the area "under the curve" and how the curve shifted very much to the "left".

-At 3000 rpm the numbers went from 200tq to 320tq = +120tq
-At 3200 rpm the numbers went from 220tq to 370tq = +150tq

I don't spend much time under 4K rpm on the roadcourse, but autocross puts me down in the low 3K rpm range at times...I wonder how an extra 150tq coming out of corners is going to affect my times....(insert ****-eating grin here)

Without needing to say it, the car feels quite transformed and I am very pleased.

I have quite a bit of data from a couple of roadcourses and I'll compare my pulls with a VBox PerformanceBox (GPS based) to see "real-world" differences...more to follow.

Short story -
This is the place where I will bring my car when something needs to be done that I can't do myself. I will drive the hours to get there, I'll pay the towing fee to get my car there...and I'll be happy to do it.
I highly recommend Chris's tuning kung-fu.

Be good,