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EFI Logics is housed in a state of the art 7000sq/ft facility which includes 4 Lifts, a Mustang All Wheel Drive 500SE dyno and all the fabrication and building tools needed to make your dream a reality. EFI's mechanics are among the best in the Northeast, with an excellent track record in the community. Below is a brief glimpse of the crew that makes EFI Logics what it is today, we pride ourselves in our work, and it shows.

Jack Laverty - Shop Foreman / Lead Fabricator

Jack Laverty has been with EFI Logics since its inception, but brings over 25 years of mechanical knowledge with him. Jack has been an ASE certified MASTER technician since 1988. Jack has been involved in Motorsports since he was a child, always building cars that inspired others. Jack's passion to build and design custom components by welding almost anything has made him an incredible asset to EFI. With all the tools at his disposal, Jack has been creating some of the nicest street and race cars on the road today, chances are, if you need something custom made, he's the guy behind the torch. You may see Jack racing around in his EG33 swapped GC Race car, which to date is still turning heads everywhere he goes. Check out the video here


Pete Sohl - Sales Manager / Customer Service Representative

In every business there is a single point of contact which will make you decided whether that place is the place for you. At EFI, Pete Sohl is that person. Pete brings a wealth of knowledge to the EFI team, and is most likely the person which you will speak with when calling EFI. Pete prides himself in what he does, is very active in the Subaru community, and just plain loves cars. Pete is a huge asset to EFI by providing customers with the fast response that they desire via many of the communication tools we have today. When it comes to getting your car into EFI with the right parts in hand, Pete is the man dedicated to making that happen.

Cory Calvin - Technician

Cory is a reliable technician that can do any job asked of him. He has over 6 years of automotive experience primarily with Subaru and Audi. He also helps with our race car program support both at home and at the track. Whether you need general maintenance done or you're coming in with a rotated turbo build with all of the whistles, Cory's your guy.


Calvin Dotson - Lead Calibrator

Before starting Dotson Tuning, Calvin spent 8 years working for COBB Tuning as the in-house calibrator at their retail location in Plano, Texas, where he gained experience calibrating a wide range of vehicles. In addition to being a calibrator, Calvin has over 15 years of experience as a technician working at a some of the biggest Subaru dealerships in the DFW metroplex such as Subaru of Dallas and Subaru of Plano. Calvin has since joined the EFI team and will be seen on our dyno regularly.

Devin Gregory - Race Car Driver / Partner

Devin has brought so much to EFI since its beginning. With the knowledge he posses racing his 12 time winning (and counting) ST2 2004 STi, he is able to share with the team what works and what doesn't. Devin is extremely active in the NASA racing community and is very well respected by his peers. Devin provides EFI with data acquisition and suspension geometries for our team to better learn what really does work in the field, we then take this knowledge and apply it to every car we build.


Ben Miller - Race Car Driver / Partner

Under construction!


It's no doubt that EFI's ability to calibrate cars and listen to customers needs is unmatched. With the help of Cobb Tuning, and other well respected names in the industry, EFI plans to be the single most respected place in New England to have your car modified and tuned. At EFI Logics, we know you have choice, but we let our customers do the talking for us. We expect the consumer to do their research and pick a facility that will meet their needs. At EFI Logics, we treat the customer with the respect they deserve, we build long term relationships based on our ability to build and tune your car exactly as you expect it to be.



Installation / Fabrication Area

Dyno Cell

Dyno Cell w/ 60mph wind

EFI Logics

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